Tom Sizemore’s Girlfriend Megan Wren Found

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Tim Sizemore’s missing girlfriend has been found, and it seems that Megan Wren is safe and sound.

The actor’s ex went missing on March 31, prompting the police to question him about the matter. For awhile it looked like the embattled star of war-related movies like Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbor, and Black Hawk Down might have to ready himself for a different kind of battle — a legal one. After all, he’s no stranger to a courtroom and his history of drug-related crimes did make him seem slightly suspect. However, Tom Sizemore was never actually a suspect in the case.

Tom SizemoreSo where was Megan Wren found? According to Radar Online, she has been with friends the whole time she was being searched for. The fact that the 25-year-old didn’t come forward to let friends and family members concerned about her know that she was okay before now is a little troublesome, and makes it seem like something was seriously wrong. Could she have been on some sort of drug binge? Was she in trouble and hiding from someone? It seems that she could have been having a difficulty of some kind, since Tom Sizemore’s manager says that the actor was “helping her out.” So while Tom is totally in the clear now, it seems that Megan Wren still might need help of some kind.

This is definitely not the kind of attention Tom Sizemore wanted at this point in his career — the 49-year-old who once starred on Celebrity Rehab is now sober and working on multiple movies, so he probably feared that Megan Wren’s disappearance could put a damper on his attempt at a comeback.

But luckily everything turned out for the best — if Megan Wren is in trouble, perhaps being found will lead to her getting the help she needs (and if her problems are drug-related, hopefully Tom Sizemore keeps in touch with her to offer some advice on getting her own life back on track).

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