Tommy Lee Jones added to Captain America; The First Avenger. Who else will be in this movie?

Tommy Lee Jones is the latest star to be added to the growing list of stars for next years, Captain America: The First Avenger. Jones will be playing the role of General Chester Phillips. From the list of stars set to be in this movie, I can really hope that it wont be over hyped to the point that, people expect more than the movie has to offer. Other stars, according to IMDB, include, Samuel L. Jackson playing Nick Fury, Stanley Tucci playing Dr. Abraham Erskine, and in the lead role of Captain America is Chris Evans, who you might remember from his role as Johnny Blaze in Fantastic Four.

The movie is currently in production and has a release date of July 2011. Next summer, Movies will have to spar with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, so it may be rough for Captain America. Either way the movie should be interesting and I hope the effects will be top notch.

Just a little added Trivia… Captain America came out in March of 1941. The first issue sold over a million copies and endeared its readers to an American Hero for generations to come.

Source – IMDB and Wikipedia

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