Tony Parker is Dating a Beauty Queen

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Eva Longoria who? Tony Parker is dating a beauty queen – not really a far cry from his ex-wife, but you have to wonder how this guy goes out with all these beautiful women! He’s not even that good-looking!
Eva Longoria and Tony Parker
“The San Antonio Spurs guard is reportedly dating 20-year-old Barbara Morel, the winner of France’s 2010 Miss Nationale pageant,” reports Yahoo! It’s been about seven months since his divorce was put in to motion, and it looks like he has officially moved on. Longoria, on the other hand, has been dating Eduardo Cruz (Penelope’s brother) for months.

No one expected for Parker to be single for as long as he was (publicly anyway), so the news that he has a new girlfriend isn’t at all surprising. What is surprising is that she’s stunning… and she’s really young. He went from dating someone seven years older (Longoria) to dating someone nine years younger. It will be interesting to see how long this relationship lasts... you know, since Morel can’t even get in to a club yet.

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