Tony Romo Talks Wife and Baby!

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Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys quarterback, loves his wife and baby. Finally, he seems to have life all together. He and Candice Crawford married a year ago, and now they have a month-old son named Hawkins. “If it’s possible to bring you and your wife closer together, something like this really does,” Romo, 32, said in a recent interview with People. Candice is, he says, “a great mom and a great wife.”

Actually, that is not earthshaking news. Most File:Tony Romo before 2008 Pro Bowl.JPEGpeople realize, sooner or later, that family life has a lot of advantages over a playboy persona. But for some—and pro athletes are often in this group—it takes longer. Then they fall harder. Having a baby “strengthens your family values and your family and the love you have, which is already really strong,” Tony Romo says. “It’s been a great blessing from God to put us in this situation. We feel very honored.”

So that puts him more in touch with the little things—special moments that come without cheering crowds. “You want to see everything,” the quarterback says. “At 3 weeks old, we were having him lay down, and we put him on the floor. And all of a sudden he just rolled himself right over. That was pretty neat to see.” Most any new parent would agree.

In addition to all that, being a new parent makes Tony Romo more aware of his position as a role model to other kids—a position he already enjoys. “It’s a wonderful position to be in, to have the ability to affect some of America’s youth.”

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