Tony Scott’s Body Cremated, Family Creates AFI Scholarship

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Director Tony Scott has been cremated, it was revealed Monday. Scott’s widow, Donna, will hold onto his ashes, keeping them at the couple’s house in the Los Angeles area. The late filmmaker’s loved ones, including his brother, director Ridley Scott, paid their respects at a private memorial last Friday, just five days after Scott jumped to his death from a bridge in the Los Angeles Harbor.

Tony Scott by Fergus Greer 2012 London, EnglandSo ends a sad chapter in Hollywood history. The director may have been laid to rest, but not the questions about why Scott did what he did. While the coroner’s office has not finished its investigation, his death is being treated as a “probable suicide.”

The day after news of the suicide broke, a source claimed Scott had inoperable brain cancer, which would have provided a motive for his desperate action. It would have been understandable to assume he wanted to spare himself and his family the agony and pain of a long, drawn-out illness. But Scott’s family quickly shot down that report, saying there was no cancer.

So the baffling question of why exactly Tony Scott decided to kill himself is still unclear. It’s one of the tragedies of suicide that no one else can ever truly understand what went on in someone’s mind and heart in those last terrible days and moments. If it’s true there was no terminal illness involved, it must be all the more heartbreaking for his family not to know what led him to end his own life.

Still, they may be able to take some comfort in knowing that his memory will live on — and not only through his movies. His family announced Monday that they have created a memorial scholarship in his name at the American Film Institute. Besides honoring Scott’s legacy, the fund will help future filmmakers realize their creative dreams.

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