Tony Walks Out on Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars, March 29th [video]

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Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars, March 29th showed off her Jive skills, or lack there of. Dancing with the Stars had its highest ratings, increasing by 23% in comparison to last years viewership. The cast was chosen wisely, Kate Gosselin, Pam Anderson, Erin Andrews, Nicole Scherzinger, Shannen Doherty and more. Last night all the contestants performed really well with the exception of Kate Gosselin.

Kate Gosselin and her partner Tony did the jive and boy was she terrible. When you watch Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars you think a) Why is she a ‘star’ on Dancing with the Stars and b) Why is she embarrassing herself. The woman was awful last night, March 29th, yes entertaining, but I mostly felt badly for her. Her face showed all of her emotions mainly pain and discomfort. I wonder if America will vote for her to stick around? Is she getting the American Mom’s vote, or are you wondering who is taking care of her kids. Is Kate presenting herself as a good role model? I am curious to what mother’s think of Kate’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars; I know if she were my mom I would be mortified by the continuous need for publicity.

Did you vote for Kate Gosselin on March 29th Dancing with the Stars?

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