Too Hot To Handle ~ Limerick ~ MP 2012

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Too Hot to Handle

Once a proud, flyng son known as Icarus

Feathered wings glued with wax sure made quite a fuss

He flew too close to the sun

Plumes unglued, every one

Now he’s shit out of luck like the rest of us


Let’s lose ourselves to Limericks, a form designed to entertain with mirth or a tsk-tsk-tsk, but uttered with twinkling eyes and a smile.

If you are new to this group or contest, go here to learn more and then come back to participate in today’s challenge.

Follow these rules:

1. Follow the form, which is a five-line poem and rhyme scheme a-a-b-b-a.

2. Today’s prompt: no prompt! Limericks are made for laughter.

3. Publish so that the date stamped is April 16th with only one stamp-date

4. Tag with MP2012

Publish to Mindful Poetry (and other groups as you wish)

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