Top 10 UFO Sightings of July 2013 (Video)

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UFO sightings are getting harder to find on the web. Good ones at least. That’s why the monthly compilation video posted by AnonymousFO on YouTube is so eagerly anticipated. And the video for July 2013 doesn’t disappoint.

In it, 10 of the very best sightings of the month are strung together, back-to-back, picked only for their high visual quality and strangeness.

The collection includes a few UFO examples which stray from the normal guidelines. AFO usually avoids the “shaky camera tracking a ball of light at night” entries, but two of them made the cut.

And a pyramid in Area 51? That one doesn’t even leave the ground. But the question posed is still a valid one: Why does the government need a secret pyramid in the middle of the desert?

Watch the video below to make a decision. Whatever the final conclusion, AFO delivers once again by slogging through the mire and delivering up the pearls at the bottom of the muck.

Here’s the video:

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