Top 3 Picks for Thanksgiving Movies

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What’s better than a Thanksgiving movie this weekend? Maybe three Thanksgiving movies!

A movie that is good to watch is The Descendants. George Clooney hits the charts big again this weekend. And speaking of Clooney, what is he doing this Thanksgiving? He’s headed to Cabo with his family and new girlfriend, Stacy Keibler. So, evidently family is important to him during the holidays. Does it match up with his character in his new movie The Descendants?

Two other Thanksgiving movies are The Muppets and Hugo. The 3 movie picks will be classified as best family, best date, or best wild card movie.

Family Movie: The Muppets was written and starred by Jason Segel. If you liked the previous Muppets movies, you’ll love this one. It’s a fabulous flick to take the kids to. The movie is silly, sweet, and entertaining. The references to the evil oil empire are poignant. Young children will vie for the fall of the evilness and adults will see a deeper meaning.

Date Movie: The Descendants with George Clooney. This film is written and directed by Alexander Payne, the same genius that created Sideways.

The main plot of The Descendants is Matt’s twenty-year marriage. It’s a test of family and love. Matt needs to weigh the love he has for his family against a piece of land his descendants have owned for nearly a hundred years in Hawaii. We experience Matt’s relationship with his two daughters, ages 17 and 10. He realizes he has been the back-up parent and fallen short of his duties. This movie is beginning to get Oscar buzz too. See it for the actors, the scenery (it’s filmed in Hawaii – so how bad could the movie be?), and the family value.

Wild Card Movie: Hugo is a Martin Scorsese film. So, what more needs to be said. It will be off the wall and yet entertaining. This film revolves around a young orphan boy living in a train station in Paris during 1930. He uncovers a mystery that jeopardizes his secretive lifestyle.

Hugo, done in 3-D, is opposite the Muppets. The Muppets is an old school movie with puppets and human actors. Hugo brings technology to the forefront with gadgets, gears, and gimmicks. This is not a bad thing, it’s just different. Get ready to swoop through corridors and turn corners, see snowflakes that look larger than life, and then let your imagination soar.

This weekend, get out there and catch a movie. A Thanksgiving movie is a wonderful tradition if you haven’t started it already. Happy Thanksgiving!

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