Top award in Gardening at Crowdtap…

Wow top award in gardening at Crowdtap!!!

I logged in to find this and was so excited to win this Action…

Not a member of crowtap then check it out by clicking the banner below and join.

You must have a facebook account with friends which it not hard to find.   If you join I can show you how and what you need to do.  Really could use three new members to sign up under me Id be able to put my time toward help them get the hits they need for the challenges…


Hello Angela M., Thank you for participating in the Tapped In : “Gardening”.

The action has been completed and the following people have received the top awards:

Angela M.

Smita A.

Gail M.

Nicole B.

Unfortunately not everyone can win every discussion, here are some tips for your next discussion: Awards are given by the brand based on who provided the most valuable insight throughout the discussion, top responses are starred by brands and will improve your chances of winning Active participation throughout the whole discussion is important but avoid short, repetitive and inappropriate answers as those will be flagged by brands and reduce chances of winning Helping improve other Crowdtappers’ ideas and showing support for quality responses by commenting and voting on them will boost your chances of winning Keep Tappin! The Crowdtap Team


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