‘Top Chef Just Desserts’ Chefs Make Candy Bars

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The chefs of Top Chef Just Desserts created candy bars last night to earn immunity from chef Pichet Ong. With only 105 minutes, they had to scramble to get their sugary concoctions done on time.

Unfortunately for Rebecca, who still has one arm in a cast, moving so fast resulted in pain. First, Carlos accidentally rams her hurt arm, making her double over in pain. Then trying to lift heavy equipment with the damaged limb caused her to send her candy treats all over the floor.

In an unusually generous mood, Orlando stepped in to help her in any way he could. Without him, the Top Chef Just Desserts contestant could not have finished on time.

Quickfire Challenge Results

Amanda’s Earl Grey chocolate bar with bitter orange caramel impressed. However, it wasn’t enough to get her into the top two.

Carlos’s peanut butter with fudge cake and banana pudding didn’t fly. Neither did Chris’ dual chocolate bars with banana, caramel, cinnamon and corn flakes.

Judge Ong called Katzie’s banana and brown butter caramel concoction a “mess on a stick.” Then, he pronounced Matthew’s hazelnut feuilletine with a chocolate, orange and vanilla “unfinished”. Therefore, it made Ong’s least favorite list.

Ong called Megan’s ginger buckeyes “unique”. However, Orlando’s berry blast with jam turned him cold because it was too soft inside.

Rebecca’s granola with vanilla panna cotta and orange marmalade in white chocolate was a hit. It made into chef Ong’s top two dessert dishes. So did Sally’s black rice, cocoa nibs and Ovaltine creation. It won the former cooking instructor her first challenge and Top Chef Just Desserts immunity.

For their elimination challenge, the chefs drew a popsicle to uncover their team members. Amanda, Carlos and Sally formed team blue. Katzie, Megan and Rebecca made up team green. Chris, Matt and Orlando became team orange.

The Top Chef Just Desserts contestants were given just over four hours to create cold treats for a water park on a hot summer’s day.

Elimination Challenge Results

Amanda’s funnel cake with coconut sorbet and pineapple jam disappointed the judges. The cake was hard and the dish was hard to handle.

Carlos’s Captain Crunch ice pop was also a bomb. It was overly sweet.

Sally’s berry smoothie with yogurt should have hit the spot. Unfortunately, it was a good idea that went bad.

Katzie’s baked Alaska on a stick pleased the Top Chef Just Desserts judges and customers as well. One patron called it the best thing he ever ate.

Megan’s strawberry soda float with basil proved refreshing. It was one of the night’s most pleasant surprises.

Carlos’s passion mixer with ginger fizz did just that. It fizzed out.

Matthew’s strawberry shortcake did the same. The strawberries were as hot as the summer sun.

Orlando’s root beer float with chocolate brownie cake was “too heavy”. It also lacked effervescence and float-like texture.

The all girl green team of Katzie, Megan and Rebecca landed on top. Of their three winning desserts, however, it was Katzie’s dessert the judges loved the most.

The all boy orange team of Carlos, Matthew and Orlando made it to safety for another week. However, the blue team became split when Amanda was given the boot.

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