‘Top Chef Just Desserts’ Gets A Beastie Boy Hand

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Top Chef Just Desserts and the Beastie Boys are not two names one would necessarily link together. However, in this week’s episode of the popular baking show, one Beastie Boy — Adrock — was on hand to offer the chefs a challenge.

First came the Quickfire where the contestants had to make a dessert using a root vegetable as a main ingredient. The results were, unfortunately, mixed.

Quickfire Challenge

Carlos’s celery root with peanut butter pudding bombed. It landed him in the bottom two.

Chris’s Jicama watermelon jam with panna cotta also flopped. However, Katzie’s soy milk panna cotta with mascarpone cream caramel and turnip chips at least intrigued.

Matthew’s caramelized parsnip cake with banana purée looked good and tasted even better. It earned him a spot at the top of the Top Chef Just Desserts.

Sadly, Megan’s burdock root fritter barely registered. Orlando’s peach and radish crumble with vanilla bean sorbet was at least a semi-hit.

Rebecca’s french fries, chocolate sauce and malted milk ice cream disappointed. It landed her in the bottom two.

It was Sally’s mango pudding with turmeric that impressed the judges most. It earned her a Quickfire win and, better yet, $5,000.

Adrock provided some ingredients for the Top Chef Just Desserts Elimination Challenge. They were food items typically found in a Beastie Boy pantry.

Elimination Challenge

Carlos chose popcorn and bacon to use, but he was given cucumbers to work with too, courtesy of one of his peers. He prepared popcorn panna cotta with cucumber air and bacon caramel, which the judges found interesting.

Chris took pizza and pork and beans to work with. He was given ravioli from a peer who hoped to sink him. It didn’t work. His pork and bean brownie with pine nut cream and naked ravioli earned him a spot in the top three.

Katzie’s sweet pomme frites with sweet and savory sauces used chosen ingredients: butter, gorgonzola and provolone cheese. It was the taste that landed her in the bottom three.

Matthew went for whiskey and cornbread, but a peer added potatoes and gravy. That didn’t faze him. He made cornbread and mashed potato cheesecake with whiskey caramel and gravy foam. The dish was a hit, landing Matt in the Top Chef Just Desserts top three.

Megan’s whiskey pudding cake with brass monkey sorbet and caramelized onions confused everyone. The onions, courtesy of one of her peers, helped land her in the bottom three.

Orlando chose rum and coffee for his food items. A peer added peas into the mix. The resulting dish was a coffee, strawberry and rum parfait with peas that failed to please.

Rebecca went for ham and beer but got falafel as well. Her resulting custard with beer ice cream bombed, sending her into the bottom three.

Sally had cheddar cheese and prosciutto and then earned chicken from one of her peers. Still, her prosciutto cake with chicken toffee sauce and cheddar ice cream was a hit. She also earned one of the top three spots.

The Top Chef Just Desserts elimination challenge winner was Matthew with his unorthodox, but tasty, sweet and savory brownie. The loser was Rebecca’s odd concoction. She was given the boot.

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