Top Three Super Bowl Commercials

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This year’s Super Bowl Commercials were not the blockbusters compared to last year, according to a CBS poll. Nearly 24% of voters didn’t think this year’s commercials were anything fabulous. However, there were a few good spots that gave viewers a few chuckles. Here are the top three picks.

  1. Darth Vader meets Volkswagen. A small child, dressed as Darth Vader, tries his luck at telepathic control. He fails until he meets up with the Volkswagen, Passat. Little does he know his father is watching and controls the car from the on-looking window. (36% of vote)
  2. EMINEM For Chrysler. Eminem gives us a tour of Detroit, his hometown, in a Chrysler 200. Chrysler is selling us a ‘Made in America’ luxury vehicle. The tag line is ‘Imported from Detroit.’ (19% of vote)
  3. Pepsi Max Series. Pepsi Max Love Hurts commercial ends with a Pepsi can being thrown at the boyfriend. He ducks and the can flies past him and into the head of a blonde jogger sitting down next to him. (5% of vote)

Most awaited Super Bowl Commercials 2011To see the entire list of commericials go to YouTube. To vote click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.


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