Top UFO Sightings of June 2012 (Video)

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It may be a little early, but the top UFO sightings of June 2012, compiled by paranormal YouTube researcher AnonymousFO, is always a welcome sight. And this month doesn’t disappoint as the usual suspects are rounded out by some real surprises.

The best feature of these collections is AFO’s uncanny ability to ferret out sightings not covered extensively by the usual media channels, including

In June, there are several examples, including a classic flying saucer, multi-colored flashing lights and all, filmed over the night skies of Lake Okeechobee, Florida on June 12, and pictured here.

Sometimes really great videos have to be skipped, like the one made on June 4 in Colorado Springs, because of the vulgarity used by the cameraman. It might be expected if a person is really startled, but it makes reporting all the more difficult.

AFO manages to edit out the profanity with some neat audio overdubbing skills, but, as it turns out, that particular sighting is being chalked up to a skydiving team on Army manuevers.

But the sighting over London on June 21 is a real head-scratcher. It seems to be the first UFO of its kind ever photographed. Shaped like a giant cross, it seems unperturbed by the Black Hawk helicopter zooming through the air not too far away.

So, as usual, in most of these sightings, the questions still remains:

What is it?

Here’s the video:

What do you think?

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