Topless Pictures of Art Teacher and Former Model Circulating Among Male Students at Harrow School

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Topless pictures of an art teacher named Joanna Salley were recently leaked and emailed between hundreds of male students at Harrow School in the United Kingdom. The Harrow School is an all-boys boarding school that focuses on providing a high quality education for its pupils. The school is deemed a very prestigious establishment and boasts of educating seven prime ministers, including Winston Churchill himself! Topless photos of a teacher circulating around the schoolÂ’s boys is definitely a tad bit disturbing.

According to the DailyMail, Joanna Salley, 32, is on a temporary leave of absence from the school where she was reportedly taken home from in tears. Can you imagine the embarrassment of Miss Salley. The pictures were said to have surfaced right before the students were to take their GCSE art exams. One sixth former stated, “She was topless. Everyone already thought Miss Salley was a babe anyway so naturally the photo went round the school like wildfire.” The Dailymail also reported that a source at the school stated that the pictures were on a memory stick on the photographic studio at the school.

Harrow head Barnaby Lenon stated, “Joanna Salley is a long-standing and successful art teacher at Harrow who has in the past been a model. Photographs of her modeling were taken by a professional photographer who also teaches at the school. The pictures were stolen without the agreement of the photographer. The matter is being investigated.” A public relations expert Max Clifford stated, “Joanne Salley would be perfect for the new lingerie range Boux Avenue. Her looks and her background as a Harrow teacher make her up-market and sexy.”

How do you feel about the leaked photos of Miss Joanna Salley? Were the leaked photos of this sweet and talented art teacher purely an accidental incident? You would think that professionals would have known better than to have such flashy and incriminating photos at a place such as a school. Or, do you feel as though the former model and beauty queen, or the photographer perhaps, leaked the pictures in order to get Miss Joanna SalleyÂ’s name recognized?

Stolen photos: Joanna Salley


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