Tori Spelling Did Own Singing in ‘The Mistle-Tones’

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Tonight on ABC Family, Tori Spelling was in the new Christmas movie called The Mistle-Tones. This movie was a hit with fans, but it made everyone wonder if Tori did her own singing on the movie. The actress is speaking out and saying that yes she did indeed sing, but it wasn’t without a little bit of help.

She does say that it was enhanced a little with auto tune, but it is her voice that fans are hearing on the movie. Most singers get a bit of help anyway unless they are live, so this does not come as a big shock honestly. It is really not a big deal for this to happen behind the scenes and she didn’t have to do anything that wasn’t filmed. Tori doesn’t do any singing for her career even though a lot of other actresses are a Jill of all trades.

Are you shocked to hear that Tori Spelling can sing and did a great job on The Mistle-Tones? Sound off on your thoughts in the comments.

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