‘Tornado Alley’ Preview – An Up Close and Personal iMAX Experience!

Tornado Alley takes an up close and personal look at one of nature’s most violent phenomenons. Filmed over eight years, Tornado Alley is definitely worth the watch. However, don’t expect “Twister-like” thrills.

File:F5 tornado Elie Manitoba 2007.jpgEven with an iMAX theater feature, Tornado Alley could still use a bit more work. The film falls short when it comes to achieving an emotional tie with the audience.

Tornado Alley overlooks the damage that tornadoes leave in their wake. Human suffering and loss are not covered in depth by the film. Still, it can be agreed the mind-blowing images in Tornado Alley are quite intense.

Sean Casey directed and starred in the film. He did a good job of chasing tornadoes and bringing a deeper understanding to one of nature’s most powerful forces. It didn’t hurt that most of the filming was done between the plains and the Rocky Appalachian mountains where three-quarters of the world’s tornadoes occur.

Too bad the human element falls short. Perhaps if Casey is planning a Tornado Alley II, he can focus on the people who have experienced up close and personal confrontations with tornadoes.

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