Toronto Subway Sex Video Couple Busted for Public ‘Lewdity’

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A randy couple, apparently drunk out of their minds, have been arrested in Canada after starring in what has become known as the Toronto Subway Sex Video which is going viral on the web.

The unidentified love birds were filmed by another passenger on the subway train after they took their lovemaking off the car they were in and on to the platform of the Spadina station in Toronto. This was after a different passenger, who witnessed the lewd act in the car, pulled the emergency brake and stopped the train from proceeding.

When a subway employee came to investigate, he found the couple going full-throttle and the unidentified passenger filming the so-called Toronto subway sex video.

Police were called, and incredibly, the couple stayed at the station long enough to be arrested and charged with performing a lewd act in public.

Probably because they didn’t have much choice. They were allegedly really drunk. Making the story even weirder is that the incident occurred in mid-afternoon. They must have started hitting the sauce pretty early.

The video can be seen at World Star Hip Hop, but it’s a site which requires an age check before entering. So proceed with caution…

And stand clear of the closing doors!

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