‘Total Recall’ Trailing Behind ‘The Dark Knight’

Producers were hoping fans of the original Total Recall would put the reboot in front of The Dark Knight this weekend. However, so far the numbers aren’t looking good. Batman remains king of the top spot.

Despite, everything that’s happened around the latest Batman flick, it looks like it will keep pulling in steady numbers. It looks like The Dark Knight will make about $36 million between August 3rd and 5th. That’s not bad for a three-day take a few weeks after the première.

The reboot of one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best films was hoping to unseat the Dark Knight. However, it doesn’t look like that will happen. Opening amidst mixed reviews, Total Recall‘s projected at $9.5 million for its Friday première. That’s a disappointment given the movie’s pricey cost—an estimated $150 million. That means the studio could struggle to make back its money, assuming it ever does.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days actually did better than the high-tech thriller at $17 million. Of course, the film had wider appeal, pulling in both kids and their parents. That could prove that Recall’s PG-13 rating was a risky gamble. It’s not racy and violent enough for adult viewers, but the nudity proves too racy for younger children.

Ice Age: Continental Drift continues to do strong at $7.8 million, weeks into its showing. That’s only about $2 million less than Recall on its opening day. That looks like another bad omen for the rebooted film.

The Watch and Ted are vying for the fifth spot at around $5.6 million. Right now it’s a close race so either movie could pull ahead before the weekend’s out.

No doubt the bad reviews didn’t help Recall gain the numbers it needed. However, a lot of movie fans seem fed up with all the film reboots, especially those of classics and faves. Hopefully, it will send a message to Tinsel Town that they need to find some new talent and stop redoing what got done right in the first place.

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