Touchdown Jesus Hit by Lightening…Hmmm

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Touchdown Jesus” has met his maker, literally. The six story high plastic and fiberglass Jesus statuary which has guarded over I- 75 in Monroe, Ohio is no more. He was struck by lightning and is now nothing more than a steel frame.

The statue, which was immortalized in Heywood Banks hilarious “Big Butter Jesus” has sat watching over I -75, in front of the Solid Rock Church since 2004.

Some nicknamed the statue, which depicts Jesus from the waist up “Touchdown Jesus” because of the way his arms are raised. There are numerous altered images of this statue all over the internet.

No one was hurt in the lightening strike, but there was some damage to an amphitheater next to the statue.

One has to wonder if God, in all his glory got a little tired of the constant mocking of the statue, which was in fact, pretty mockable.

Have you seen the statue? Have you heard Banks cute little ditty? Well, today is your lucky day.
Below is Heywood’s homage to the “Big Butter Jesus”


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