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Hello everyone!

This post is dedicated to catching everybody up with what’s going on. In the argot of the younger generation, this is my 411 to the masses. I’m basically using this post to compile important links and announcements related to the release of Shadows of Kings. Oh, one more thing. If you liked last week’s surprise guest, then you should enjoy the guest on my next article. So…let’s get started with the house cleaning.

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Shadows of Kings info

Link to PDF release:

Link to Chapter Excerpt:

The Secret Throne Site:

Print and Digitial Release Date: June 15th, 2012

Blog Tour: June 8th thru July 8th

Shades of Virtue: 2nd book in the Dragon Rising Series to be released by Twilight Times Books in March, 2013.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Once again, a big hug and kiss to those who have been so supportive during this journey. You will not be forgotten.

Until meet again….

Oceans of love,


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I am an award winning author and an avid fan of the fantasy and historical-fiction genres.My novel "Shadows of Kings", is the first novel in the Dragon Rising series, published by Twilight Times Books. "Shades of Virtue" is due ot be released in Summ

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