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Over Memorial Day weekend my family found a nice little place called Wilderness Edge Retreat to camp at.  It is located only about 30miles or so from Yellowstone National Park.  So we decided it was worth it to take the short drive and check it out. 

When we got to the gates we had to wait a short time in a line of cars.  Probably because it was Memorial Day weekend afterall so there were a lot of travelers. 


When we first got thru the gates we several bison, since there was a turn off, we stopped to take a few pics.

Then we went on our way.  Not far from there the traffic was stopped and several people were pulled over, there was a sign that said bald eagle observation or something like that, and it said NO stopping in the road or pulling off.  You are only supposed to pull off where the designated pull off areas are..   
Since we couldn’t stop we went on down the road, and ended up seeing a few more bison.   Then we saw somel elk.

They were way down by the river, here is a view of the Madison river, from where we were standing to view the elk

It may look like we were right by the water, but I was using a 75-300 zoom lense.

We were going to go check out Old Faithful, since it said it was only 16 miles from where we were.  But as we headed that way traffic was moving at a snails pace and after going about maybe 2 miles in 10 minutes we turned around.  I might have been inclined to stay in line if I were driving, but I was not… 

So we decided to head back to the entrance/exit and go back to our campground. 

On the way back we saw several more elk

sorry, I thought I turned all the photos, but i guess this one didn’t get turned..

We stopped to look at this sign, because behind it was another bison and her calf way down by the river.

Then as we were nearing the gates again we went past the bald eagles nest, and I took this shot thru the windshield (from the middle of the backseat)

We were almost to the gates again when I spotted a coyote, and told my father in law to stop the car.  So he turned around we went back and didn’t see it, so we turned back around to leave and that is when we saw him standing along the side of the road.

right as we were driving past him he decided to cross the road and head towards the river, right where the turn off was.  So we pulled onto the turn off and I was able to get a few more shots of him.   One in which he was within a few feet of our vehicle, and I was able to get a shot thru the window.  You can view it HERE

Thank you for viewing my article, I have heard people say that Yellowstone is over-rated, but I thought it was great, and can’t wait to go back and next time hopefully have an entire day to spend there, instead of just a couple of hours.   There was so much more we did not get to see in our short time at the park.



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