Tourist Sues Over Bedbug Attack at Waldorf Astoria, NYC

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New York City is under siege by bedbugs. They have been found in schools, stores, hotels, and in private homes. Even the fanciest of places are having problems with the nasty critters. As the number of infested buildings grows in NYC, will tourists become wary of visiting the city?

The Waldorf Astoria, a luxury hotel on Park Avenue in NYC, is now being sued by three guests who claim they were attacked by bedbugs while staying there at different times. Dr. Svetlana Tendler has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the famous hotel, notes the NY Daily News.

Dr. Tendler claims that when she awakened at the hotel she was covered with bedbugs. Her lawyer has photos of his client with a lot of bites on her skin. To see some of the pictures go here.

Dr. Tendler says that she requires plastic surgery due to the bedbug attack, notes the Gothamist. She says the bugs caused “red, irritated, inflamed, swollen, and itchy welts all over her body, resulting in an allergic reaction which caused a serious infection and significant prominent scarring,” notes the Gothamist.

At the time of the alleged bedbug attack, Dr. Tendler was staying in room 1651 at the Waldorf Astoria. Tourists may want to avoid booking this room. She claims she brought a bug down to the front desk of the hotel to show workers that her room was infested. The hotel later denied that the room was infested.

The Waldorf Astoria is owned by Hilton Worldwide. Is this company doing enough to eradicate bedbugs from the hotel? If not, guests will continue to sue. It will be very interesting to see the outcome of these cases.

Since it is now well known that many places in NYC are infested with bedbugs, are tourists at hotels taking a known risk by staying there? Or do guests have a right to a reasonable expectation that a hotel room will be clean and free of nasty bugs?

Bedbugs used to be killed with the chemical DDT. Now that that substance has been outlawed, the bugs are back with a vengeance. It does seem odd though that they have reappeared suddenly and in so many places across the country. Will certain cities now always have bedbugs or will they disappear as rapidly as they appeared?

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