Toy Story 3 Gets New Trailer- Movie is Subject of New Google Search Story [Video]

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Toy Story 3 is a part of one of the most beloved Pixar franchises. It’s the film that kick started their popularity and fans have waited 10 years for a sequel. Yes, it’s hard to believe but Toy Story 2 was in theaters in 1999. It had a recent 3D revival along with the first movie just last year to get audiences excited for the third movie. Toy Story 3 will be shown in 3D in theaters when it is released on June 18th, less than a week away!

As a tech geek I love computer animation. Pixar has always been on the forefront of big technological leaps. Toy Story 3 will be the first feature film to use Dolby Surround 7.1 audio format. Cool Stuff. I was really happy when I stumbled upon this story on,“Google Gives “Toy Story” the Search Story Treatment [VIDEO]”. It was a geek explosion. Two favorites working together to cross-promote. I thought it was pretty neat and really captured what we love most about the characters of Toy Story. Their personalities are preserved. While giving just a hint about the plot line of Toy Story 3.

Watch “Toy Story: The Discovery”


I’m so excited for this film and I can’t believe the time is upon us. I think that Pixar was smart in recognizing the time passage and letting Andy grow up. It provides a new crisis for our favorite Toys as they deal with obsolescence. Almost a sort of Toy existential crisis. Pixar makes great movies and I can’t wait to see what Toy Story 3 ends up being able to pull off. Will you see Toy Story 3 when it is released June 18th? Will you be going with your kids? Who is your favorite toy? Do you think that Google Did a Good Job capturing the essence of the characters in their Search Story?

Official Trailer for Toy Story 3

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