Traci Brooks Playboy Pics

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The Traci Brooks Playboy pics that so many have been anxiously awaiting have been released online today. I can’t say that I checked them out, but I did find this PG-rated preview pic for people. Playboy will be releasing the second set of Traci Brooks photos on October 1st. For those not into the wrestling world, Traci is a tough-as-nails “Original Flavour’” TNA Knockout.

Curious? Check out the Traci Brooks Playboy pics here on the website. But be warned: they’re very much NSFW!

And if you’re interested, here’s an excerpt from the Traci Brooks interview — because everyone knows that folks look at Playboy for the articles:

PLAYBOY: While you were in Iraq, you had an awkward injury. What happened there?
BROOKS: [Laughs] Yeah. I was in Iraq entertaining the troops and I got to shoot an M240, which is basically a big-*ss gun. I had a low-cut shirt on and the bullet shells fell back and down into my shirt. I thought I melted my implant, but I didn’t
. It burned my nipple, though. Burned the d*mn thing right off! The poor medics out there didn’t know what to do.

PLAYBOY: What’s the best part about having sex with a female wrestler?
BROOKS: We’re pretty feisty. My fiancé has a few bruises on him. [Laughs] We’re always out to prove something. Women are usually very passive people. Women wrestlers
are very aggressive.

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