Tracy Morgan Passes Out at Emmys

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Tracy Morgan passed out on stage during the Emmys on Sunday night, much to the shock of viewers. Okay, not really. What really happened was Jimmy Kimmel delivered on his promise to perform a prank on the Sunday night Emmy Awards show. The host asked viewers to help with playing the prank on the non-viewers to see how quickly a tweet would attract additional viewers. Whether or not more viewers tuned in, the prank certainly garnered plenty of attention!

According to CBS, Jimmy Kimmel, who was hosting for the first time, had the actor join him on stage and fake a fainting spell and told him to stay down for 10 minutes or so. The 30 Rock actor laid down on stage with the first-time host saying, “Just lie there for about 10 minutes or so. And when people tune in they will see this on the stage.” Some fans weren’t amused, likely because seeing the tweet made them concerned for the actor, while others appreciated the gag for what it was.

Then, viewers were asked to tweet “Tracy Morgan just passed out on stage the Emmys. Turn ABC on now.” Over 25,000 tweets went out with the message immediately! The Emmys returned from a commercial break to hear Jimmy Kimmel explaining, it was “just exhaustion.” and that Tracy Morgan was okay. With that kind of social media outpouring, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was a spike in viewers immediately after the prank. What do you think: was it a funny gag, or a sick joke? Hopefully no one passes out for real next year, or no one will believe it!

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