‘Traffic Light’ “No Good Deed” Recap: The League’s Paul Scheer Guest Stars

A new dimension is added to the Traffic Light friendships in season one, episode six, “No Good Deed.” But then Adam (Nelson Franklin) makes a fool of himself, leading to yet another fight with Callie (Aya Cash). Luckily, this episode also had Mike (David Denman) and Ethan (Kris Marshall) lightening the mood with a tad bit of help from yet another FX The League guest star, Paul Scheer.

Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer (Children's Hospital)When Mike feels like he isn’t getting the credit he deserves, he becomes upset and constantly responds to questions with more questions. This goes for when Lisa (Liza Lapira) thinks their son built a block tower, or when Mike isn’t on the dedication page of his little brother Charlie’s (Rick Gonzalez) first book–and Lisa is.

Mike gets a chance to prove himself though in a different part of the Traffic Light episode. Adam thinks, again, that Callie is helpless without him. “I’m like a phantom fixing, nay, preventing problems before they start,” Adam says just before he notices Callie’s car has been stolen.

Now Adam wants to surprise Callie by buying her a new car. Yet, his friends know how Adam is when it comes to bargaining: he’s a salesman’s wet dream. So Mike and Ethan offer their services, both thinking they can best each other.

“I’m a lawyer,” Mike argues. “I get paid to screw people.” But Ethan thinks he’s naturally a people-person. Everyone loves him, and not just girls. And such is the case–at first–with Ethan’s new friendship with car salesman Glenn G. (Paul Scheer).

Ethan beats Mike’s car deal–and then thanks Adam for Mike’s idea about dunking donuts in coffee. Again, Mike isn’t getting the credit due to him, and he storms out.

Before Mike resolves things with Charlie, the boy he mentored for years, Callie and Adam’s storyline keeps going. Callie went to buy her car, too, so they have two Priuses. Plus, Callie beat everyone and got the best deal; too bad Adam ruins it all, again. He says he pulled a Callie move. So, yes, he called her an idiot. He’s in the doghouse, again.

As always, they manage to resolve things, especially after Callie forgets to put gas in the car. Traffic Light really needs to move away from this sort of storyline for Callie and Adam. They fight, they make up, Adam takes responsibility: it’s beyond old.

But then there’s Mike. Sure, he and Lisa fight and have random encounters with other people in nearly every episode, but it’s different enough to be entertaining. Plus, their comic timing helps things, too.

Lisa wants Mike to get over himself. “Welcome to being a Mom,” she says, because there’s a million things she does for baby Tommy that she never gets credit for.

Yet, things change out at dinner with Charlie, because Charlie recounts the time Mike gave him charcoal etchings of his dad’s gravestones. This causes Lisa to ask why he didn’t dedicate his book to Mike. Charlie willingly explains. It was something Mike once said: every weekend Mike spent with Charlie, was a weekend he wasn’t with Lisa. A sweet, but awkward, moment on Traffic Light. Yet, this was the only kind of ending this Mike/Lisa storyline deserved.

Traffic Light airs on FOX Tuesdays at 9:30pm Eastern.

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