Transcript of & chat with Jim Lehrer (Anchor of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and author of EUREKA)

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We met online at 11:00 am ET on Monday, October 8th for an interactive interview with Jim Lehrer, Executive Editor and Anchor of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrerand author. We discussed his recently released novel Eureka as well as other topics!


 Eureka is his seventeenth novel, and the premise is one many of us might identify with:

“Ever reliable and responsible, Otis Halstead is a father, a husband (one half of a “well-dressed couple of substance”), and the CEO of Kansas Central Fire and Casualty. He has never done anything out of the ordinary. Until now.” – Story description courtesy Random House


To discover what happens in the story next, grab a copy of the book. To learn more about the book and Jim as a writer, join this discussion to share your questions.

Please help us welcome Jim to Gather!

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