Transformers 3 movie 2010 – Shia LaBeouf talks hand injury & new film (YouTube video)

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Several weeks ago Access Hollywood sat down with actor Shia LaBeouf to discuss the third installment in the Transformers movie franchise. Not a lot is known as far as the plot for this latest sci-fi action film. LaBeouf and Michael Bay are at least two things we do know about the new sequel. Another is that Megan Fox will not be in the latest flick, after being a huge star in the first two films, and providing eye candy for the male viewers. A new model replacement was named for Fox and she’s no slouch herself!



In the interview, Shia LaBeouf said he was just getting ready to start filming the week after. He also said it’s going to be “the best Transformers they’ve ever made”. He said that’s the goal every time, and there’s a lot of confidence going into this new movie. In the Access Hollywood interview he also talks about his biggest addiction as well as his injured hand.

I hope that Shia LaBeouf is right, because Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen may have done well at the box office, but it was a terrible film. It just seemed to be overkill with the action and storyline, so let’s hope they calm it down a bit and make this one a winner. Check out the Shia LaBeouf Transformers 3 movie interview video below via YouTube.

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