Transgender man used ‘Fix-a-Flat’ to enlarge a woman’s butt!

A woman in Miami went to Oneal Ron Morris, who is transgender, to get her butt enlarged. Morris operated on the woman by injecting “Fix-a-Flat” into the woman’s butt. He also used just about anything he could to abnormally increase her butt size.

The operation went wrong, and the woman is now suffering health serious health problems. I just wonder why or how you would want a big butt, or why she chose Morris for the surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is dangerous in the hands of a skilled surgeon, but this guy is dangerous. He has been arrested, but who is to say how many other women or men have had the surgery. Why are people so unhappy with their bodies that they would resort to this. The image of the young and beautiful woman tell a tale of a man practicing without a license and doing an illegal surgery.

How sad for Morris, also. Being he is transgender, he may have taken his need for change of body image to a whole new level, and now, he may face prison. You have got to see this photo.



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