Transgender supermodel Lea T talks with Oprah

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Oprah Winfrey had transgendered supermodel Lea T on her show on Thursday. Lea T recently did her first runway show, and she’s been making headlines for her incredible transformation. It was only natural that Winfrey would invite Lea T to her show.

Oprah asked Lea T about her past to which she replied, “I was hoping I was gay. I was like, OK, I’m gay, because for my family it’s less painful…I wish I could accept my body as a man…I would be a straight guy, having a girlfriend and a family, daughters, married, a normal life, but it’s something in your brain.”

Lea T has been sort of inspirational for people who have the same type of challenges. She’s proven that it’s okay to do what you need to do and you can still do what you love — and be good at it! It’s people like Lea T that Oprah loves to showcase because so many people take positive things from their stories.

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