Travel Journal: Reminiscing on Ice Cool Summer Treats

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Snowball with marshmallow


Snowball with marshmallow topping.



Growing up in New York, when it was hot there were two welcome sounds I heard distinctly from the inside of my house. One was the lullaby of the ice cream truck which made kids all over my Springfield Gardens neighborhood in Queens, bolt out of screen doors and go running in extreme heat as not to miss their opportunity for a Chipwich or Nutty Buddy.

_italian_iceeThe second sound was more of a rarity, but for me, it was much more preferable than the ice cream truck. The sound was that of a simple bell which rang a few times. This sound made me scurry for change, hoping that the man on the bike who rang the bell would be stalled enough so I could get my change together for my few and far between fix of anItalian Icee—my absolute favorite.  The man on the bike would scoop out the icy treat right from his metal refrigerated cart. Inside the cart you had your choice of flavors served in the little waxy cup. I savored the little treat, squeezing the cup and  throwing my head back to make sure I was getting every drop.


Something else my sister and I did quite regularly was taking any drink we could find, likeiced tea or Kool-Aid and we made popsicles. Tupperware was pretty big during that time, and my mother had bought those tupperware posicle-makers where you fill up the cup place it in the tray and then cover it with the plastic top and stick and put it in the freezer. When you took the popsicle out of the refrigerator you could remove the plastic cup and the popsicle was on the stick and it was just fun to walk around with your popsicle. Now if we wanted to get really down-home, we would take a cup and fill it up with our beverage of choice and put it in the freezer. The fun part about that was taking it out and using a spoon to scrape across the top of icee and it was some kind of good!  It was so simple for kids to make and so satisfying and refreshing.

I visited my grandparents in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia area every summer from five years old to twelve and right before my 14th birthday, my family moved there.  When we moved to Virginia, I have to admit there was a drought as far as my cool summer treats. We made do with the occasional ice cream truck and the flavored-ice from the supermarket. But before we moved, during those summers with my grandparetnts,… (To read the rest of this article on the Multi Cultural Cooking Network, click here.)


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