Travel: kids stay free???? HA

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Searching for a travel bargain has been difficult this year, with fuel prices on the rise again, and, Easter being so late. There are just no great “deals”, anywhere. At least, not to fit my budget. Some prices have dropped for June, but I’m not about to leave my own summer beach fun just a few minutes away.

Anyhow, this topic resulted from from crazy offerings. I spotted an Island getaway for only $719/pp (double occupancy), 7 days, and, KIDS STAY FREE. Now when you see an offer that kids stay free, that does NOT include the airfare to get them there.

Curious, I plugged in the data for a friend, with 2 young kids, who is also looking for a super deal. By the info given, you would almost assume that this trip, for 2 adults at $719/pp, plus taxes, and 2 children airfare, would be about $2200. HA. The resulting total popped up to be be $3400! Gadzooks, that’s $850/pp. What happened to the KIDS STAY FREE??? Surely they are not trying to charge $850 ea. for the airfare for the 2 children?? That ridiculous total blew me away.

Have you ever compared prices on travel offers that say KIDS STAY FREE? From the results, did you ever see any savings from these offers? What’s your favorite place to look for travel bargain packages for a single, couple, or family?

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