Travis The Chimp Attack

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The 15-year-old Travis the chimp is dead and two women hospitalized after the chimp attacked his handler and her friend in Hartford, Conn. Travis the Chimp’s owner, Sandra Herold noticed Travis the chimp had escaped and was unable to cajole him back into her house, so called her friend Charla Nash for help. But Travis the chimp attacked Charla as soon as she stepped out of her car, leaving her in critical condition. Police were called, shooting and killing the 200-pound animal after the chimp attacked the police. Both women are still in the hospital, Charla with severe facial injuries, and Sandra with a suspected mild heart attack.


My Take: While I’m very sorry for the injuries sustained by both women, isn’t this the sort of thing we should expect when you keep a wild animal as a pet. They’re not domesticated animals like dogs and cats, and there’s a good reason you can’t go to your local pet store and buy your own Travis the chimp. Attacks like this are a terrible tragedy, but should they be expected when dealing with wild animals kept as pets?

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