Trayvon Martin Hacked after Death by White Supremacist

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Trayvon Martin was hacked after his death by a white supremacist. If his death were not already horrible enough, how could somebody do this to his family and friends?

Trayvon Martin Hacked after Death by White SupremacistThe hacker, who calls himself Klanklannon, posted pictures of Trayvon Martin’s social networking sites and email on the message board 4chan. The hacking appears to have been part of trying to tear down the teen’s image. The bizarre thing is that even if he was not perfect (who is?), he absolutely did not deserve to be gunned down while he was unarmed. The fact that people are trying to destroy his image now to prove that he should have died is disturbing.

Unfortunately, the hacker claims he changed the teen’s passwords to racist terms too, which is horrible for his family as well. They do not deserve this type of harassment, and it should not be legal to do this. Authorities could obviously figure out who hacked Trayvon Martin.

Meanwhile, George Zimmerman has still not been arrested or charged in the teen’s death, which has caused demonstrations throughout the U.S. Will he ever be charged? What do you think should happen? Should something happen to these hackers? It seems as if justice is impossible at this point, but that does not mean that people should quit looking for justice for Trayvon.

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