#Trending on Twitter 6/9/11: Les Paul, South Park and… Marvin’s Room?

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What’s trending on Twitter today? As usual it’s an eclectic mix as the Twitter revolution rolls on, defining more than any other SN source what people are talking about in real time. Here are three of today’s top trending topics:

#LesPaul: On what would have been the 96th birthday of the original Guitar Hero, Les Paul, Google honors the consummate tinkerer / virtuoso guitarist with a GoogleDoodle depicting the gizmo which ensured his place in the pantheon of the Guitar Gods: the electic humbucking pickup. Cool enough. But this is one doodle you can actually create a song with! And record it. Go ahead and give it a strum. Very cool.

#SouthPark: Has South Park finally run out of gas? That’s the speculation wafting in the air, even if no one wants to admit where the odor is coming from. On the mid-season finale Stan Marsh is overtaken by a resigned melancholy, coming to believe that everything is just a load of, well, crap. At least that’s the G-rated version. This has been said about South Park before, and each time the boys have come roaring back. The mid-season break should give them a chance to change into a clean pair of undies and start fresh.

#MarvinsRoom: Why would the sleepy and depressing 1996 Meryl Streep movie be trending on Twitter? Turns out it actually refers to the latest track release by Drake, but it’s still a head scratcher. Was Drake affected by the movie in his formative years? Is he capitalizing on the white-hot career of Meryl Streep? Does he really know a guy named Marvin? What’s going on in that room? Who cares? The tune is infectious and should go viral in no time.

Proving once again that Twitter is the first and best place to look for what’s happening right now. With Tweets by the people, for the people and of the people.

Or something like that. Look it up. Hashword: #Lincoln

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