Trial for cop accused of cannibal plot begins

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“I’m planning on getting me some girl meat,” NYC policeman Gilberto Valle allegedly wrote in a chatroom. “It’s this November, for Thanksgiving. … She’s not a volunteer. She has to be abducted.” Remarks like these from computer files, email, and instant messaging are being used as evidence against the 28-year-old, tabloid dubbed “Cannibal Cop”, whose trial began on Monday.

According to Yahoo, Valle is “charged with conspiring to kidnap a woman and unauthorized use of a law enforcement database”. If convicted of the kidnapping count, he may face a life sentence.

In a criminal complaint, Valle is accused of creating a computer file in which he cataloged at least 100 women that includes their names, addresses and photos. It also alleges that Valle culled “some of the information from a restricted law enforcement database”.

There have been so many recent cases where law enforcement officers have been charged with unthinkable crimes, it is rather disconcerting. Of course, everyone knows that the police are human beings and some are bound to be corrupt or emotionally disturbed, but one can’t help but feel a little less secure as a result of stories like these.

A prosecutor is reportedly confident that they have so much overwhelming evidence against Valle that they have told the judge in the case that an FBI agent will not be called to testify about disputed cellphone data that is claimed to show Valle stalked his victims. Valle’s own wife is expected to testify against him on Monday, reports Daily News.

The baby-faced Valle is expected to take the stand as his defense attempts to persuade the jury, made up of six men and six women, that this was nothing more than a fantasy of Valle’s and that his “online chats were so offensive, so over-the-top that they couldn’t possibly be taken seriously”.

Defense attorney Julia Gatto began to make the argument that these ideas were pure fantasy in the pretrial proceedings when she “showed prospective jurors a kinky staged photo of a woman trussed up in a roasting pan”.

A New Jersey man is awaiting trial after charges were brought against him for “scheming with Valle to kidnap, rape and murder a Manhattan woman”.

Whether these alleged comments were part of Valle’s fantasy life or a real plan, they are very disturbing. In addition to being shocked and outraged by these remarks, many will conclude that posting them on the internet shows Valle to be a less than intelligent individual.

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