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riving in my car today

coming back from shopping

I couldn’t help but notice

How this generation


Have porches decorated

each flag upon a pole

Every family honoring

The birth of this great nation


It should be celebrated.

Then into my mind there came

A picture of those flags

I have gently put away,

In tissue and in bags

Folded oh so softly

In a neat triangular way

To remember those I loved, now gone


Who used to celebrate this day,

There is one for my father

Another for my man

One for my brother,


Oh yes I understand

What sacrifices each one of us has made

We gave our youth so brave

Many still on distant shores


Many now in their grave

But all that fought so valiantly

To keep this land so free

Would want us to hold our heads up high


Salute that flag as it passes by

For America is beautiful on this and every day

I touch each triangle folded flag I have

And put them back away


For everyone that earned them

Would want me to remember

That this flag that they fought so hard for

Was never laid down in surrender



Dedicated to my husband, his Birthday was May 29, and he would have

been 89 years old, I love him and miss my veteran, love, Elsie






Memorial Day is a special day for most Americans. It is the day we have the honor and privilege of saying thank you to those brave people who served, and all too often gave their lives for us and our country.

I would like to offer you a chance to tell us of someone you knew, loved, and feel grateful to for having served this great country of ours.

Tell it any way you like, be it a poem, a story, or even eulogy. Today is their day. And I thank every one who has served, for this country is even greater for their service.


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