Trick Or Treating? Watch Out For AMC’s “The Walking Dead” On Halloween Night – Video

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It’s Halloween night and you’re sitting on your couch, in a dark room, with nothing but the flicker of the television screen that lets you see your white knuckles that are squeezing the hand of the person sitting next to you. Your other hand is holding the popcorn bowl that you forgot was even there. Your eyes are wide open, your heart’s beating fasting than usual. You know they’re coming. You’ve even dreamed of them every once in a while. This is their night!

Suddenly, you gasp, maybe scream a little, squeeze your friend’s had a little tighter, take a fast look around the room to make sure that they aren’t real, aren’t really in the room or trying to get in. The zombies, the walking dead are all that you can see, and you’re afraid … very afraid.

Okay, how many times have we seen movies like this in our lifetime? Ten, twenty, hundreds of times? Why do we keep watching them? Because we love them! And on Halloween night AMC will be airing a new zombie series called, “The Walking Dead,” which is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book zombie series.

“The Walking Dead” is about Rick Grimes, an ex Kentucky police officer who has to find and protect his family in an environment where zombies rule the land and living humans are soon to be a thing of the past.

The six episode pilot show, “Days Gone By,” was directed by Frank Darabont. He’s also the executive producer for the series and wrote or co-wrote each of the six episodes.

In June, MTV News visited the set in Atlanta while “The Walking Dead” was being filmed. Mr. Darabont discussed the project and compared the show to being a western and how lead actor, Andrew Lincoln, was just like other Old West heroes.

“I always kind of knew it, but it really came home as we’ve been shooting the last few days — it really does turn into a Western at times,” Darabont said. “You see [Lincoln] riding into the dusty streets of the town here, only it happens to be Atlanta with these skyscrapers, [and] it’s a very cool mix of visual elements. There’s a little John Ford meets ‘I Am Legend’ thing going on here.”

AMC hopes that “The Walking Dead” will be another award winning series for them like recent hits, “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad.”

So get your popcorn popped, turn the lights off, grab a brave friend to protect you and be wary of Sunday, Halloween night at 10 PM ET. AMC will be trying to scare you as “The Walking Dead” will be appearing in your house. BOO!!!

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