Trina’s Topless Photos Leaked onto The Internet (VIDEO)

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Katrina Laverne Taylor AKA Trina was born in Flordia in 1978 and has successfully become a female rapper and model.

Recently there have been some topless photos leaked of Trina. Her cellphone was stolen and the person put all the photos out on the net. She had other photos in her phone that weren’t dirty photos, but of course most people focus on the bad. The photos leaked out onto the internet Monday morning.

The rapper said to MTV, ” I just feel like its an invasion of privacy, it wasn’t like I was taking pictures for a magazine or for somebody, it was my personal sexy photos, I’m grown and I’m entitled to doing that.”

First of all, it was wrong. Second of all, check out the VIDEO of the singer owning up to her topless photos.

She makes a very valid point in her interview with MTV. She is a grown lady and people take topless pictures all the time, it just sucks that hers had to be stolen and leaked. I’m sorry girl.

Here are some of the photos.

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