Trip to the ER : WWE and Update on Angela (hey, figured I’d do double duty)

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Last night I took Angela down to Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. Since it was her left wrist and hand, and she sleeps on that side, I knew x rays were in order if she was to get any sleep last night.

Driving down I-75 is 7 lanes of NASCAR driver wanna be’s, and in the pouring rain, we were just praying we made it down there without an accident. We watched a big rig barrel down on a taxi, probably making the taxi’s occupants lose a good 10 yrs off their lives. I know Angela and I both had that sharp intake of breath as the big rig barely missed turning the taxi into a pancake.

The turn on to I-285, which complete circles Atlanta, and the subsequent merge is great practice for the Indy 500. No one seems to obey the 55 mph speed limit, even in the rain and dark of night. Listening to Angela moan from the pain was terrible, as she said her wrist throbbed with the beat of the windshield wipers. I couldn’t even comfort her, as my attention had to be on the road. Thank goodness she’s old enough to understand that all I could do at the moment was reassure her that we were almost to Scottish Rite.

Once we exited the highway, we could see Scottish Rite. The problem was, we couldn’t get to it. With all the construction going on, we were rats in a seemingly never ending maze. I followed the signs for the emergency room and ended up at a dead end. It was so frustrating! The GPS was of no value what-so-ever. After many, many left hand turns, we finally ascended a waterfall (literally) to the ER parking lot. Thank goodness I have a full size Sierra, as a car probably would not have made it through the cascade of water coming at us. The nice thing about Scottish Rite is they have complementary valet parking, which means Ang and I didn’t have to get wet again.

Checking in was quick and painless, as my kids are frequent fliers. Thank goodness some of the insurance information was already in the computer, as I left the insurance card on the table at home (I had taken it out to get a number off of it..oops). Texting Christopher about the situation resulted in him replying with the rest of the insurance information I needed. Of coarse, he had little sympathy for Angela’s plight, as he’s been the object of her teasing once too often. (She calls him Sir Breaksalot.)

Emergency rooms are cess pools germs and disease, and I really hate having to visit one. Thanks goodness Scottish Rite has 2 different waiting rooms, in 2 different locations. Basically one is for sick kids and the other for broken kids. As Angela and I waited, we were able to imbibe in Disney comfort, for The Little Mermaid II was playing on the big screen TV. For some reason, cuddling and Disney movies make any boo-boo feel better, no matter the age of the child.

We actually didn’t wait too long before Angela was called back to a room. It’s the privilege of being a patient that has probably paid for several doctors’ vacations. After X-rays and more waiting (and of coarse paying the outrageous co-pay), the doctor came in to tell us that Angela’s wrist may or may not be broken. She wasn’t sure. (sigh) Angela’s swollen hand and wrist were put in to a heavy brace to both immobilize and protect them. She was also given a high dose of Advil to combat the increasing amount of pain. A call should be coming either today or tomorrow, once the right person reads the x-rays. I do suspect that Angela does have a slight crack in her wrist that will heal in 4 – 6 weeks. She may or may not get a hard cast, as her age suggests she would do just as well wearing the brace for the 6 weeks, according to the doctor. So for now it’s just a waiting game.

Angela and I finally arrived home after 1 am, and she was still hurtin’. And yes, even though she only got about 4 hours of sleep, I sent her to school.  I am mean old mom! She had a big presentation in social studies to give today, and neither of us wanted to give the teacher the impression she wasn’t ready by keeping her home. Plus, Angela is getting ready for German Convention, a state wide German competition. I will be picking her up at school in a few minutes, and we’ll head to dance, where I have to break the news to them.



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