Tropical Storm Arlene Leaves 17 Dead in Mexico

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Tropical Storm Arlene has ravaged Mexico, leaving at least 17 people dead in her wake. Thousands of people in the country have been affected by the storm’s devastating swirl through the region. This is the Atlantic hurricane season’s first named storm.

Tropical Storm Arlene Leaves 17 Dead in MexicoUriel Escobar, 12, is Tropical Storm Arlene’s youngest victim so far. He died when he touched a downed power line after the storm passed through. This is why there are many public service announcements in the U.S. about avoiding downed electrical lines, but after a damaging storm, it could be hard to even tell where these lines are if there is a lot of debris.

Victims of the damaging storm range from ages 12 to 65, and authorities expect the death toll to rise as they are able to get a clearer picture of the damage caused by Tropical Storm Arlene.

According to Juan Carlos Orantes, the director of emergencies with the country’s civil protection agency, “We are expecting still more intense storms; however, we’ve had a brief stoppage for now.” Hopefully during the calm, authorities are able to help rescue those who need to be and bring aid to people who are in trouble.

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