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My most loyal companion is my wonderful cat

He is beautiful, soft and warm

He sleeps with me along side my legs

He protects me from all harm


He has ears that rotate like radars

Picking up any little sounds

Not that we expect any break ins

But he always makes his rounds


I am nocturnal , much like him

But even he has more sense than me

If I am staying up way too late

He touches me on my shoulder, just won’t let me be


If I oversleep in the morning

Later than he thinks I should

He caresses my cheek with his paw

Like any good friend would


He follows me during the night

If I get up, he does too

He waits for me outside the door

I appreciate that wouldn’t you


I pay him back by filling his bowl

With the best kitty food I can find

I talk to him and sometimes

I think he can read my mind


I love you Trouble





MonWe, Dream on Monday

Animal Tale Challenge



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