Truck Testicles Driving Law Enforcement Nuts

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Truck testicles are driving law enforcement officials in one state absolutely nuts. The anatomically correct displays hanging from the backs of pickup trucks have gotten two people arrested in South Carolina.

According to a report from the Christian Post, if the truth be knows, the hanging obscenity only garnered these drivers a citation. They were actually arrested for other things determined once the officer stopped the vehicles.

“This vehicle was displaying an obscene object from the rear bumper. This object was a pair of large fleshy testicles. This item was flesh colored, anatomically correct, approximately the size of a softball, and in clear view of the public and other motorists,” the report filed by the arresting officer of one offender read.

It seems in South Carolina it’s against the law to drive a vehicle with “any sticker, decal, emblem or other device containing obscene or indecent words, photographs or depictions.”

Do you think the ever-popular truck nuts fall under that category? If so, lots more people in South Carolina should have been arrested before now.

One person recently arrested–a woman, incidentally, is taking the entire issue to court. She maintains that displaying her TruckNutz–the trademark name for her truck testicles–falls under the heading of free speech.

So far her case has been delayed three times.

How do you feel about the dangling obscenities? Would you display truck testicles on your car or truck? Just in case you’ve never seen them, you can check out a photo of the offending testes by clicking here.

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