‘True Blood’ ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ Recap: Tough Choices, New Pets, and Betrayal

True Blood season 5 continues with episode 9, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” Tru Blood factories are being bombed. Salome says a prayer to Lilith before they begin feeding on a man chained to a table. Molly goes to leave, but she’s denied access because they’re on lockdown. Eric finds her, and she turns off the camera to talk. She can’t get them out, but she has an idea that likely will get him killed.

Sookie sees if Lafayette picks anything up in the bathroom after what she saw, but he doesn’t. He does pick up voices in her bedroom, and after sorting out Gran’s (he’s not “Gmail for the dead,” after all), he tells Sookie she’s sleeping on it, and she finds a box under her bed. Jessica insists Hoyt went to get help and is in trouble. She can’t feel him at all, and she’s right. He’s in danger.

Luna refuses to just sit back while Sam goes after the killers, not giving him a choice. Arlene tries to talk Terry out of going after Patrick for a fair fight, bringing up their family, but he tells her they’re the reason he’s even fighting. Pam sees the reports about the Tru Blood factories, and while Tara wants to stock up for themselves, she tells her they’re serving it. Eric confronts Bill and tells him the others aren’t going to buy his act forever. He argues he saw Lilith, but Eric tells him they were high. He brings up Sookie and tells him to have his religious crisis elsewhere. They have one way out, and it’s up to Bill to get Salome’s blood while Eric takes care of Nora.

Sookie finds a newspaper clipping that lists Dearborne as the one who found her parents’ bodies. Jason tells the guards to keep an eye on Jessica, but she says he should be worried about Hoyt. He says he’ll be fine, and she makes him promise her. The sheriffs look at an anti-vampire website, and Andy shows Jason video of what they’re doing to vampires. They need to find the Dragon to find Hoyt, and they turn to Joe in the cell for answers, using force.

Alcide’s on his way to Jackson when he remembers his father teaching him, Debbie, and others about their human and wolf sides. When given a choice, Alcide and Debbie chose the pack. Sookie pays Dearborne a visit, and he says they didn’t know about vampires at the time. She knows he’s hiding something and grabs his hand to read more. Sweetie knocks her out with a pan from behind.

Sam and Luna tell Andy they went back and picked up the scent of pigs, and when he brushes them aside, Sam asks her if she’s ever been a fly on the wall. Shifting comes in handy. Patrick holds a gun to Arlene and forces her to call Lafayette to tell him Merlotte’s is closed. Sookie comes to in a barn and sees Hoyt. She reads his mind and realizes he’s high. Her power shorts on her, and then one of the killers walks in. Meanwhile, Andy and Jason are working on identifying them, and Andy recognizes Dearborne’s boots. He’s the Dragon. Sam and Luna fly away.

Dearborne insists he’s protecting people. They plan to rewrite the law so supes are shot on sight, and Sweetie tells Dearborne to give her the drugged ginger ale. They force it on her. Upon finding Dearborne’s house empty, Jason remembers his first wife’s pig farm. When Terry arrives at Merlotte’s, Patrick makes him leave his weapons outside before entering. He has a family too, and he tells Terry to get on his knees. Arlene takes the opportunity to stab him in the neck with a pencil, and Terry attacks. As they fight, Arlene grabs the gun and holds it to Patrick’s head.

Eric tells Nora she’s changed, and she explains she felt a sense of purpose and belonging after Salome gave her the blood. He can have it too. He asks for her help, and while they’re kissing, Bill’s in Salome’s bed. She says they’ve been chosen to “birth a new world together” and to let Lilith’s blood be his guide. While they’re having sex, he sees first Sookie and bites her, then Lilith, and finally Salome again. He has her blood.

Sweetie has Sookie thrown into the pigs, but Sam’s one of them and he catches her. While he’s fighting off the killers, the sheriffs arrive on scene. Dearborne makes a move towards Sam, and Andy shoots him. Sweetie ran, but Luna catches up to her. Meanwhile, Patrick once again brings up his family while Arlene tells Terry to shoot him. Patrick tells him to do what’s right, and the woman shows up and tells him that as well. Terry shoots him, and the ifrit takes his body.

Pam confronts a vampire feeding on Eric’s throne. He says the Authority named him the new sheriff of the area and throws Pam across the room. He invites the vampires to feed. Russell brings Steve to J.D.’s pack and gives them his blood. Martha stands back with Emma in her arms, and when she refuses to drink, Russell takes Emma, giving her to Steve as his first pet. His blood wasn’t free.

Alcide visits his father to tell him he lost pack master, and his father calls him a lone wolf like him. Alcide says he’s nothing like him. Sookie watches the news about more Tru Blood factory explosions, but the fairies show up to tell her the vampires are behind it. They’re taking over the world. Eric brings Nora to Molly and knocks her out with an injection. Just as they get to the elevator, Bill shows up, but Salome’s waiting inside. He betrayed them. He says he’s doing it for Eric because it’s what God wants.

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