‘True Blood’ ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’ Recap: Choosing Sides and Looking for Answers

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True Blood season 5 continues with episode 10, “Gone, Gone, Gone.” It begins with a news report about Tru Blood having to rebuild. There has been an increase in vampire attacks. Sookie turned off Steve’s speech before getting a visit from Mike, who’s there for a body—hers. He’s a vampire and bites her leg. She kills him with chopsticks.

Molly is brought before the others and Salome gives her a chance to accept Lilith. She’s been sentenced to True Death, so she speaks her mind. Bill kills her using her own iStake. Russell wants to go out and eat and invites Steve along. Salome reminds him Steve has a TV appearance the next day, but they’re going to have fun. Hoyt’s mother wants him home, but he doesn’t want his room back. He’s not wasting his second chance at life. He has a job offer in Alaska.

Elijah has suggestions to make money for Fangtasia and says they need to make more new vampires by the end of the year or he takes Pam’s assets, including her progeny. Bill takes out the vial of Lilith’s blood and extracts some before joining Eric and Nora. He warns Eric True Death will come soon, but he says to let it come. Bill wants to save his soul since he saved his life and they force him to drink Lilith’s blood. Nora has some too. Bill leaves them and watches the video feed. Godric appears before them and says Lilith will lead them to destruction. Bill doesn’t see him. Godric tells them he’s evolved, and Eric asks him to save Nora. Lilith appears behind Godric, and Nora asks her to spare him. He says he doesn’t have to fight her before they say her rip him apart, leaving her covered in blood.

Russell and Steve dance among dead bodies in a Greek college house. When Jessica enters Merlotte’s, guys go for their guns, but Sam and Lafayette have their own guns and stop them. Though they scare them with the possibility of Jessica biting them, she’s there to see someone. They quickly leave as Jason walks in. He’s surprised her guards are gone, but Bill stopped paying them. They’re both there to meet Hoyt. Pam is not happy about the new mandate and doesn’t care about Elijah taking the bar. She says she and Tara will live like she and Eric did.

Hoyt’s planning to leave for Alaska and asks for a reason why he shouldn’t. It’s his home, no matter what has happened. He says it’s done. For his going-away present, he wants Jessica to glamour him into forgetting her. He wants Jason gone too. He wants the hurt gone. She does what he wants, and after saying goodbye, Jason and Jessica leave Hoyt alone.

Sookie’s going to stay at Jason’s, and as she packs up, they talk about Hoyt and their parents’ killer. There’s nothing in the box he got at Dearborne’s, but he moves her bed and finds a box in the floor. Inside is a scroll. Sam calls pretending to be from a magazine looking to take a picture of Steve and his dog. It doesn’t work, and Luna’s not having luck either. He shows her that Steve will be part of a debate that night.

Sookie and Jason go to see a professor about the scroll. He says none of the characters repeat, so it’s nothing. It’s not a human language. Holly surprises Andy with dinner when he comes to pick her up. Jessica remembers times with Hoyt before being interrupted by sounds outside. Via phone, Bill commands her to go with his security team.

Steve’s opponent suggests the vampires are responsible for the Tru Blood factory explosions and comments he must be suffering. Steve says they keep Tru Blood reserves. Russell has Emma in Authority headquarters watching the report. Eric stands before them and begs forgiveness, saying they must obey Lilith. He tells Russell he forgives him for the sins against his family.

Sam and Lilith sneak into Steve’s dressing room as mice and shift back when they hear him. He takes his bag and leaves. Jason pulls Hoyt over, and he only asks if he’s related to Sookie. Jason asks about the boxes and tells him not to go, but Hoyt thinks his mother put him up to it. In the end, Jason just tells him to drive safe. Back in the car, he begins crying and Sookie comforts him.

When Jessica gets to the Authority, Bill tells her she’s safe there. He shows her around and gives her his bible to read, telling her they were meant to lead others into the coming age. Tara brings Elijah into the office and says she doesn’t know anything about birthing vampires. Ginger’s the bait, and Tara kills him. When Steve gets back, Emma’s human. She wants her mother, but Steve tells her her mother doesn’t want her. Sam and Luna crawl out of his bag, still mice.

The vampires sit around talking about getting Lilith’s word out, and Russell brings up fae blood letting them walk in the sun. He wants to study the blood. Jessica listens as she reads. Russell refuses to hear dissension and to be constrained. He wants the sun. Sookie and Jason bring the scroll to the fairies, but Claude says it’s probably older than they are. They get Maurella to read it, and she says it’s a contract. It mentions Warlow, and it grants him the first fae-bearing female heir of the family—Sookie.

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