‘True Blood’ ‘Hopeless’ Recap: Who Died?

True Blood season 5 continues with episode 6, “Hopeless.” A wolf drags Alcide away, and another attacks Bill. Russell goes after Sookie, who uses her power. Eric goes to attack him, but Bill reminds him that if he dies, they die. However, it’s taken out of their hands.

True Blood 2008 logoTara and Jessica’s fight moves from the bathroom to the Fangtasia floor until Pam puts an end to it. She pulls Tara aside and reminds her it’s her house. She is proud like a human is of a dog. Patrick sees the ifrit emerge from Eller’s basement, and he and Terry run. Russell tells the Authority members there is no Lilith and gets hit for the blasphemy. The Authority member says the others know too much, but the vampires point out glamouring will take care of that. Bill wants Sookie to live a life she should, while Eric tells Alcide he’ll protect her.

Hoyt joins Jessica at a table and says he learned that she still cares about him. She tells him they’re over, but he asks her to do whatever she wants with a human with him. She walks away, but he yells after her. As they drive away, Alcide wonders how they got there and Sookie’s crying. Meanwhile, Bill and Eric may have done what they set out to do, but what comes next? The Authority kills the humans kept for Russell.

Jason dreams of his father again and promises he’ll find the vampire who killed them. As his father tells him what he has to fear, he wakes up. Alcide wakes up in Sookie’s bed and finds her downstairs. She can’t remember the last time she was okay. He has flashes of their hookup and comments they drank a lot. She goes to grab his hand to show him what happened, and he recoils. She takes his hand and shows him what he forgot. He refuses to just sit around and leaves.

Sam joins Luna in her hospital room and refuses to leave. He tells her Emma got away and says he’ll find her. She wants to know who would want to kill shifters. They’re human. Martha brings Emma by, and Luna makes it clear that she can’t have her even though she’s a wolf. Martha just doesn’t want to lose her and isn’t looking to compete with Luna. Luna asks if she can keep her safe until they find out who’s after them.

Terry gets out of the truck and runs, leaving Patrick to chase him. Once he stops him, Terry says he never should’ve done it (shoot the woman). He knew his family was too good to be true. Lafayette goes to see Ruby Jean, who tells him Jesus isn’t okay and wants to talk to him. She’s been seeing things and says Jesus is in trouble.

Arlene knows what happened in Iraq is what led to Terry leaving, and Jason interrupts the girls’ talk about guys being trouble. He tells her what he’s learned of their parents’ death. She tells him to take her to the fairy club. Sam talks to Andy about the murders and tells him he can help track them down. He can smell what they need to find them. Alcide pays the pack a visit and accepts the role of master of the pack. He challenges the current master, JD.

When Bill and Eric get to the Authority, they’re brought in front of the Chancellors, who congratulate them. Molly removes the iStakes. Salome says Russell has been tight-lipped, but she goes to leave to interrogate him. Roman joins them with expensive blood and tells them they saved many lives, human and vampire. They did what he wanted, and now he knows they’re with him. When Salome goes to talk to Russell, Roman says they’re going to execute him. She argues that he knows so much, but he wants to execute him as soon as possible. He tells Salome to put an iStake on him.

Eric asks to see Nora because she’s his sister and says he’ll be at the execution. Bill “loves a good execution,” when Roman checks with him. Terry’s back at Merlotte’s and tells Arlene he has bad news: He’s cursed. He tells her what happened and says he has to go so they’re not in danger. She thinks he’s off his medication and offers to help him through it. She needs an adult to help her with the kids, but he tells her they’ll die if he stays with them. And so she tells him to go.

Jason takes Sookie to the field, and she finds the club by sound and then accidentally walks into it, disappearing and leaving Jason behind. She pulls him through, and once inside, she does some investigating. She finds Hadley, who says they’re safe there. Andy visits the supernatural killing store and asks the worker some questions. He asks if Junior sells wooden bullets and asks about a record while Sam walks the shop. Junior goes to shoot, but Sam takes care of him first. He smelled the bullets.

A vampire is feeding on Hoyt and tells him they should maybe call it quits, but Hoyt disagrees. The killers show up and take out the vampire. One is surprised to find Hoyt and pulls him into the van. Hadley doesn’t want to leave because Hunter’s safe. They ask questions about the vampire who killed their vampires. A vampire ambushed their parents, drawn to them by something he smelled in the backseat: Sookie’s blood on a Band-Aid. And so the fairies unleash their power.

Russell is brought to his execution while Eric visits Nora. She says “it’s finally happeningÂ…God’s plan,” and thanks Lilith. Nora didn’t know where Russell was and says “she’s” been right all along. Roman tries to activate the iStake, but it doesn’t work. Russell kills Roman.

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