‘True Blood’ ‘In the Beginning’ Recap: Searching for Answers

True Blood season 5 continues with episode 7, “In the Beginning.” Nora is still praying to Lilith and the Authority captures Russell once again, after he had hung Eric up with silver. The fairies tell Sookie that her abilities will run out since she’s half-fae, and if that happened, she’d no longer be fae.

True Blood 2008 logoSam’s smell leads him to a box of masks in the shop. Speaking of, Hoyt’s with the killers, and one of them gets a call from the Dragon. Hoyt says he was under Jessica’s spell, and they say what mattered is what’s in his heart, asking if he hates her. He says he does. The killers find out about Junior’s death.

Eric says it had to have been Nora who broke Russell out and she knew what was coming. However, Bill points out that there’s no way Russell could’ve acted like he did with silver in his veins. Molly’s looking into why the iStake didn’t work and swears she’s loyal. Salome brings Bill and Eric into chambers, where Nora is and Russell makes his entrance. He forgives them and says he’s making an effort. He didn’t kill Eric when he could’ve because he’s been born again. Nora tells Eric she knew about Russell, but she wasn’t the one to dig Russell up—Salome was. She followed them. Bill says she wants power, but she says she wants to share it with everyone. Nora asks them to join them, but they refuse. Salome gives them the chance to participate in the initiation still and says Lilith has shown her mercy.

Alcide trains, planning to fight JD even though he’s prepared to lose—and he won’t turn to V. So since it’s not worth training, he might as well kiss his second. Martha interrupts and says JD swore he’s not on V. Meanwhile, Arlene watches the tape of her and Terry’s wedding and reception, and that’s how Holly finds her. She had it all, but Holly says she can still get it back. Arlene argues that he’s crazy and when she mentions the creature, Holly points out there’s all sorts of things out there.

Jason brings Sookie breakfast in bed and tells her her blood being in the backseat wasn’t her fault. He’s not going to let her think that because she never let him. He should be at work, and Andy, who is, goes to see Dearborne with his insecurities. Dearborne knows the job’s stressful, but he’s retired and enjoying the fact that his wife’s out of town. Lafayette goes searching for answers and sees Jesus’ head once again—and his grandfather holding a shotgun.

Sookie stops by the hospital to check on Luna and catches up with Sam, who may be angry about what’s happening, but he still wouldn’t change who he is. He does admit that he’s tired of fighting. Tara’s on the stripper pole at Fangtasia when her mother shows up and says she put her in a terrible situation. She’s there to say goodbye, but Tara tells her she’ll see her again and shows her fangs. Pam watches as she gets back on stage.

Salome says she believes that Russell is forgiven for what he’s done, so she forgives him too. He tells everyone he fells terrible for what he said about Lilith and loves her. Bill and Eric watch as Salome takes out Lilith’s blood and says that everyone will drink from her. Dieter says it’s blasphemy and ends up dead. Everyone else gets on board, and so it begins. Eric says that since they’re vampires, the vampire blood won’t do anything to them. However, after, they all seem drunk after as they walk the streets.

Tara hates her mother, but that doesn’t stop her from crying. Pam reassures her that she won’t care in one hundred years, and Tara hugs her. Pam tells her the break’s over. Meanwhile, Lafayette’s tied up and his mouth sewn shut, and Don says he stole his family’s magic. He cuts into his head and says he’s taking it back. He plans to have his wife drink the blood from Lafayette’s brain. Marla rises up and kills Don before he can do anything else to Lafayette before turning and cutting open his mouth.

JD says there’s a war coming and drinks V before offering some to the rest of the pack—and to Emma. That’s how Martha finds out the truth. Hoyt joins the killers in their truck, and they give him a mask, telling him they have a surprise for him. Sam’s forced to leave when visiting hours end, but as he’s leaving, he smells something and follows a man in scrubs. He’s one of the killers.

Russell joins a girl singing on stage, and the rest of the vampires come into the bar. They begin feeding. Terry and Patrick are sitting out in a field when the ifrit comes. It laughs before leaving. Terry’s had enough and takes Patrick’s gun from him and holds it to his own head. Patrick gets him to lower the gun and throws it away. He apologizes for giving him the order.

Jessica stops feeding when Jason shows up, and he tells her what he learned about his parents’ deaths. He’s going to find out who killed them. Sookie thinks about everything she’s learned and with the possibility of being human, she keeps using her power as it shorts out. Jessica tells Jason they’re not all the same, but when she kisses him, he can taste blood and goes looking for the guy. Jessica bites Jason, who shoots her in the head. She kicks him out, and he sees Sookie using her power. The vampires stop feeding when they see a light and Lilith rise. The feeding continues. Eric sees Godric, who says that he knows this is wrong and to save his sister. When Eric looks again, Lilith isn’t there.

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