‘True Blood’ ‘Let’s Boot and Rally’ Recap: Death, Returns, and Fire

True Blood season 5 continue with episode 5, “Let’s Boot and Rally.” It begins with Sookie and Alcide moving to her bedroom…until she throws up. Bill and Eric join them. Lafayette returns home, tired of what’s been going on. He starts seeing even crazier stuff and even calls out for Jesus for a sign if he’s there. Eller forces Terry and Patrick into chairs and asks if anything followed them.

Jason dreams of a family breakfast from when he was young, only he sees bite marks in his parents’ necks. Jason and Andy, both naked and home, receive phone calls about work.

Sookie tells Bill and Eric she’s never tried to unglamour someone, but Alcide’s employee is their only hope. Alcide doesn’t want Doug mixed up in it. The vampires and werewolf begin fighting, and Sookie begins laughing. She knows her life is not going to change and go back to normal. She’s ready to go. Pam watches Tara in Fangtasia before telling her she needs to bartend because they’re understaffed. Pam has to stop Tara from feeding on a customer.

Alcide introduces Sookie to Doug and she gets to work. She sees a female digging Russell up with her hands and sees her pendant. A female member of the Authority released Russell, and Bill asks Eric if he told Nora they buried Russell alive. He says he didn’t. So what is Nora, who’s looking very guilty, up to? She’s still in her cell, but says directly to the camera, “We will rise up. The warriors of Lilith are coming for you, coming for all of you.” The torture continues. They’re keeping an eye on Bill and Eric, and Salome tells Dieter to inform them they have until dawn. She joins Roman, who can’t believe Drew lost his way and he didn’t see it. Salome tells him the Sanguinistas are gaining ground and they shouldn’t underestimate them. She suggests controlling the message on his own terms.

Eller puts his gun to Terry’s head, saying if he kills him, it might forgive him. He saw Kessler and his wife burn. After they got back, he was crashing on their couch. He woke up the night of the fire, and he says the fire moved and intercepted them from running. There was something in the flames coming for him, and he ran. He Googled it and discovered it’s an ifrit. Eller says they shouldn’t have done what they did and “she” cursed them. A flashback shows them finding a woman alive after the gunfire, but Patrick reminded Terry of what’s important and told him to dead check her. She said, “May the ifrit burn you all and everything you’ve ever loved,” before he did.

Jason and Andy check out the dead shifters, and Jason sees his parents in their place. Neither remembers how they got back from the club, and Jason tells Andy they were all fairies. Andy says they’re going to stay clear and not talk about it anymore. Andy talks to Sam, who tells him they get together every couple of weeks to shift and run. Jessica joins Tara at the bar and tells her she knows how it can be. She does say it gets better and says they could be friends. They bond over impulses, and Jessica tells her it’s all part of who they are. Their conversation moves to feeding on humans and sex.

Doug, with the help of Sookie’s power, leads them to a hospital. Bill wonders if Nora orchestrated this to send them to Russell. He says she’s a traitor and a liar, and the vampires fang out. Molly’s call interrupts, and she tells them they have until dawn before their iStakes activate. Sookie says they took Russell inside, and Bill and Eric try to get Sookie to stay outside. She’s not stupid, she’s seen horror movies, and her power affects Russell.

Jason finds a wooden bullet, which kills vampires. Is whoever killed the shifters after vampires too? Jason says vampires have been getting away with murder for years. Andy finds tire tracks. In the hospital, Sookie leads them the right way using Doug. They find a hand and then dead bodies. Russell’s been feeding.

Tara steps outside for a smoke and Hoyt walks by. She recognizes him, and he says people change, offering up his neck. She sends him home. Sookie leads them to the morgue. Meanwhile, Terry’s remembering what they did—they burned the dead. He tells Eller he saw the ifrit too and they have to get out of there. Eller says they’re safe, but Terry tells him it’s been waiting to get them all together. Eller frees them and says he has a friend. Patrick knocks him out, and Terry tells him he meant what he said. Patrick tells him to help him secure Eller or get out. Terry leaves, and outside when Patrick joins him, he tells him he saw the ifrit. Patrick says it was just the drugs. But there is an ifrit, and it comes for Eller.

Lafayette wakes up to Jesus’ head on the table, his mouth sewn shut. His mother does too and says she’ll tell Lafayette, calling for him. Alcide says they’re being watched, and Doug makes a run for it. He finds people trapped and find out where they’re taken. Sam visits Luna and tells her the tragic news, asking if she knows who would want to hurt them. She doesn’t and tells him to go. When he steps outside, he’s shot, as is Luna when she comes after him. Sam yells at Emma to run.

Jessica and Tara are feeding in the bathroom—until Jessica stops Tara from feeding from Hoyt. The group finds Russell, and Eric says they’re there to finish what they started. He says to give it his best shot. Alcide wolfs out behind Sookie.

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