‘True Blood’ Premiere Video: Graves, Russell, and Sookie Hooks Up

It is now less than a week away from the return of True Blood to HBO. Yes, waiting sucks, but the wait is almost over. The series has teased a little more of what is ahead in a new preview celebrating the one week countdown mark for the return of the series.

This new preview shows some new footage for the upcoming season. Jason is at a grave, and then a hand pops out of it. Some might think that is the return of Russell Edgington, and it very well could be. However, it could be teasing the return of someone else as well. Russell is shown in this new preview as well though, and everyone should be on the lookout for what evil thing he does next.

Russell does have one thing in mind though. Previous previews for the upcoming season have shown that Russell still wants Sookie’s blood. He had a taste of it before he was locked away at the end of season three. He will want more. He knows just how powerful her blood is, and he won’t stop.

This will put Sookie in danger in season five, but she has a wolf to protect her. Things will heat up between her and Alcide, and this preview teases that hook-up once again.

This preview might have been brief, but it is action packed and filled with footage. What do you think? Are you ready for the return of True Blood?

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